Fruits de mer du Québec

Fruits de mer du Québec was the brainchild of entrepreneurs Dary Côté and Denis Fortin, proud of the fish from their Gaspésie.

Dary Côté could never get the Gaspésie out of his mind. At the age of 16, he left his native region to settle in Montreal and pursue a career in the construction industry. For a long time, the entrepreneur travel back and forth between the metropolis and the village where he grew up. Each time, he brought back fish caught in the Gaspésie in his luggage.

Surprised not to see any Gaspesian fish or seafood on the shelves of Montreal’s major supermarkets, Dary Côté made a commitment to introduce Canadians to the foods that Gaspesians eat. To do so, he created the company Seafood Canada. In light of its success, he joined forces with an old friend and entrepreneur, Denis Fortin.

Easily recognized products

Gaspésie fish and seafood are easy to find. They are available in Gaspésie’s wooden display and meticulously designed by Dary Côté. Why wood? The carpenter reminds us that fishing and the forest industry remain two strong symbols of his Gaspésie. Each display carries the Seafood Canada logo in addition to projecting photos of this wonderful corner of the country on a screen.

The catches, deposited in the displays, came straight from the waters of the Gaspésie, the North Shore and the Magdalen Islands. Côté and Fortin are adamant. The fish and seafood from these three regions are distinguished by their taste and the firmness of their flesh. To what are these characteristics attributable? To the limpidity of the water of the St. Lawrence River and its falling mercury, entrepreneurs say.

From Costline to market

Fruits de mer du Québec products are available in IGA stores all over the province as well as in a variety of independent grocery stores. Dary Côté and Denis Fortin are connected to some 15 partners from fishers to processors to packagers.

Fruits de mer du Québec is a member of the l’Association québécoise de l’industrie de la pêche (AQIP) and the l’Association des détaillants en alimentation du Québec (ADA).

In fact, the business won grand prize in the Défi des fournisseurs ADA 2018. 

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Notre fierté

The accessibility of local products

Fruits de mer du Québec is very proud to distribute local products so that Quebecers have access to these jewels of the sea.

Our goal is to bring seafood products to Greater Montreal and its surroundings. When people travel to Gaspésie or the North Shore, they love to taste fresh products from here! So we wanted them to be able to do it all year round.


Dary Côté
Chief Executive Officer
Denis Fortin

Vice President
Director of production
Supply Manager

Marie-Ève Chevalier
Vice President of Marketing
Grace Amaral
Administrative Assistant