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2 entrepreneurs proud of the fish from their Gaspésie

Fruits de Mer du Québec was the brainchild of entrepreneurs Dary Côté and Denis Fortin, proud of the fish from their Gaspésie.

Dary Côté could never get the Gaspésie out of his mind. At 16, he left his native region and moved to Montréal to establish a career in construction. For a long time, the entrepreneur made many trips from the metropolis to the village where he grew up and he always returned to Montreal with freshly-caught Gaspésie fish in his luggage.

Astonished to discover that there was no Gaspésie seafood or fish available in the big supermarkets in Montreal, Dary Côté decided to introduce Canadians to the food enjoyed on the Gaspé peninsula. Consequently, he established the company, Fruits de Mer du Québec. Buoyed by the success, he joined forces with Denis Fortin, a long time friend and fellow entrepreneur.

The flavour of Gaspésie fish is easily recognized

Gaspésie fish and seafood are easy to find. They are available in wooden display cases, made in the Gaspésie and meticulously designed by Dary Côté. Why the wood? The carpenter in Dary Côté reminds us that fish and forestry are two powerful symbols of the Gaspésie. Each display case bears the Fruits de Mer du Québec icon and includes a screen and slide show of this wonderful corner of the country.

The catch, arranged in the display cases, has come directly from the waters around the Gaspésie, Côte-Nord and Îles-de-la-Madeleine. Côté and Fortin are categorical; the seafood and fish from these three regions stand out because of their flavour and firmness of flesh which, according to Coté and Fortin, is due to the clarity of the water and low temperatures in the Saint-Laurent.

The Gaspésie, Côte-Nord and Îles-de-la-Madeleine in supermarkets

Fruits de Mer du Québec products are available in IGA stores all over the province as well as in a variety of independent grocery stores. Dary Côté and Denis Fortin are connected to some 15 partners from fishers to processers to packagers.

Fruits de Mer du Québec is a member of the l’Association québécoise de l’industrie de la pêche (AQIP) and the l’Association des détaillants en alimentation du Québec (ADA).

In fact, the business won grand prize in the Défi des fournisseurs ADA 2018. Fruits de Mer du Québec products are certified by Aliments du Québec.

Our incredible team

Dary Côté

Chief Executive Officer

Denis Fortin

Vice President,
Director of production,
Supply Manager

Marie-Ève Chevalier

Director of Sales,
Executive Assistant

Guillaume Larose

Sales development,
Fish specialist,
Load event

Grace Amaral

Administrative assistant

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Resource person to contact for interviews:

Dary Côté
Phone : 514 972-1870
Email : dcote@fdmq.ca

Each display case contains:

Seafood Featuring shrimp and scallops; these are sold individually or together. How to prepare them? Crustaceans and molluscs go very well together in a seafood pasta.
Fresh fish Cod, turbot and halibut are plentiful in the display cases. Alongside, find cod and halibut cheeks that are well worth discovering. How to prepare them? Dust them with flour, dip in a beaten egg and then fry them up. Add salt, pepper and lemon juice while cooking. Delicious!
Smoked fish A wicked pleasure for sure, smoked fish is an exclusive for Fruits de Mer du Québec. A tasting platter includes mackerel, cod, turbot and salmon. These fish are naturally smoked with maple wood. How to prepare them? Excellent as an appetizer, serve on a slice of baguette with cream cheese.
Prepared dishes No time to cook? Check the display case for meals-to-go. Codfish balls, the oldest Gaspésie delicacy, the best of les îles in a rosée sauce, potted seafood pâté, seafood pizza, lobster bisque and bouillabaisse are on the menu. Enjoy!

Fruits de Mer du Québec is much more than shrimp, scallops, cod and halibut. The display cases are overflowing with flavour. Yours to discover!

Recipes No inspiration? Check out our recipes and cook up your favourite dish of shrimp, scallop, cod or halibut.